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Trade Managed

Crest provides bespoke managed service solutions to enable you to meet the unique challenges as you grow and scale your business activities

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Trade Execution Simplified

We understand the unique challenges that commodity traders face when scaling their operational capabilities. Our team has extensive experience in developing effective solutions that help you achieve your goals.
Let us help you access the opportunities of our managed services and take your business to the next level. 

Organisation Flexibility


Ensure your organisation is ready to meet variable workload demands throughout the year. With access to on-demand capabilities and resources you'll never miss another opportunity.

Talent Management

Mitigate business continuity risks and reduce HR recruitment, onboarding and administration expenses while ensuring access to a broader talent pool through managed service solutions.

Cost & Cashflow

Boost your bottom line by lowering fixed costs and reducing the cost of execution. Improve trade execution performance to shorten cash cycles and positively impact cashflow.

Execution Performance

​Effortlessly measure and manage performance with reportable KPIs. Gain increased visibility on process exceptions allowing you to prioritise corrective actions and mitigate performance risks.


Digitise trade execution and related processes at low cost and with minimal capex. Access the necessary capabilities to improve productivity and data insights that enable better decision making.

Leveraged Network

With access to our connected network you can benefit from the economies of scale that will drive your success. Additionally, you will benefit from our network's process and application developments.

Trade Managed Service Solutions

Are you looking for a partner to develop, implement or manage your organisation's own nameplate execution capabilities? Or do you need expertise and the flexibility to manage demand fluctuation, cost pressures and business continuity challenges?

The Crest managed services offering is inclusive of the nine core trade execution process areas and a service mix can be tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

Crest collaborate with you every step of the way to align the processes, governance, and organisation structure for the service delivery. All pre- and post- implementation activities are managed by Crest to ensure on-time and successful implementation.

As our client, you'll have access to in-house expertise to advise and support you to resolve your trade execution and shipping operations challenges.

At Crest, we prioritize your data security and respect your privacy. We only collect from you the minimum data necessary to provide the agreed services, and our strict segregation and authorisation protocols ensure that only authorised personnel will have access to your data.

Crest are independent and work seamlessly with your existing trade service providers and partners across the supply chain. We seek out opportunities to interface directly with your current partners — brokers, carriers, surveyors, buyers, sellers, document providers — to ensure optimal performance.


Unlock the full potential of your business with Crest's trade managed service solutions

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